A sampling of projects.

Wow, looks great! Dr Hopp is very happy!
— Sara Reyna, Center for Excellence in Dermatology

Very, very well done. It was very well received! We boosted the video on Facebook add well and have realized nearly 1000 post clicks, 10,000 presents, and 80ish shares. The video sparked emotion and interest.
— Shane A. McGuire, CEO Columbia County Health System

I’m very happy with the results!
— Byron Martin, Owner, Teknologize, LLC

That made me cry! Thank you so much - it is beyond my wildest dreams what you were going to do. I am blown away by how fast you got it done!
— Misty Ross, Warrior Sisterhood Founder

Awesome! All the videos look great! Thank you and good work!
— Garth Hatch, President, Dental Specialist Institute

Everyone is so happy with the results! Thanks for all your work. It looks awesome!
— Annie Warren, Communications Coordinator, Mid-Columbia Libraries
We got rave reviews! It was definitely the highlight of our presentation! Thank you for your awesome work!
— Cherami Freeman, Mid-Columbia Libraries

Phenomenal work!! You guys are the best! It is an awesome video and have heard a lot of great feedback!
— Todd Kleppin, Founding Executive Director, Ignite Youth Mentoring

Thanks for making such an inspirational video!
— Healthways Silver Sneakers

Awesome work, thanks! This will go a long way in selling our product.
— Marci Markwart, Somero Enterprises

You nailed it!! Thanks!
— Terry Fleischman, with Dan Burns 3d Productions

The footage looks GREAT. Very well lit, I am quite happy. I just want to say that I TRULY appreciated how thorough you were in providing the quote, coordinating with the PUD leading up to the shoot, handling setup at the location, and circling back with me. The level of service was truly outstanding, especially considering that this project was so last-minute on our end and we were scrambling to find someone. It was very refreshing to find a company of your quality AND service to boot.
— Jessica Olberding, The Energy Authority

Thanks for getting the video to me so quickly. It looks amazing! I forwarded it to our team in China and as they prepare for the upcoming wine shows in Chengdu and Shanghai. Very excited for it!
— Mark Gray, Hedges Estate Winery