Spanish Language Videos

Firefly Solutions produces many Spanish-language videos. We contract with professional interpreters to ensure accuracy.

In this example, we produced an English-subtitled video for Mid-Columbia Libraries — check out the Spanish Language videos below. 

Among other areas, Mid-Columbia Libraries serves Pasco, WA, whose ethnic makeup includes over 50% hispanic people (source). 

Need videos in a different language? No problem: we have produced videos in many languages!

Cable Bridge Run 2015 Photos

Every year, over a thousand Tri-City residents run in 1-mile, 5k, and 10k races. Everyone starts at the same time, racing over the Cable Bridge from Kennewick to Pasco. We posted up three photographers: one on the Pasco side of the Cable Bridge, one in the middle, and one at the finish line. While we can't capture everyone, we posted over 2500 photos, free for racers to download (at full resolution!). 

Download Race Photos

The winning runner of the Cable Bridge 2015 5k.

The winning runner of the Cable Bridge 2015 5k.

Jingle & Jazz Photos

In the Tri-Cities area, there was little support for those needing assisted living. Enter Modern Living Services (MLS). At MLS, they provide housing, life skills and educational resources to developmentally disabled individuals in Benton and Franklin Counties.

We were happy to donate our photography services at their annual fundraiser, Jingle & Jazz

Guests of honor at the Jingle & Jazz fundraiser for Modern Living Services

Guests of honor at the Jingle & Jazz fundraiser for Modern Living Services

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos from the Jingle & Jazz fundraising auction.

Video Intro to Annie's Fun Farm

Annie's Fun Farm (in East Wenatchee, WA) has loads of attractions: corn maze, apple launchers, tractor rides, and more. Not everything was ready when we filmed, but there was still plenty to shoot to make this short intro to the farm. 

And we had some extra footage from their enormous bouncy house, so we felt compelled to make a short video highlighting that, too.

Stop by their farm and support their first year!

Aerial Demo Reel

Yeah, we have a drone. Possibly the very finest photography drone in the Pacific Northwest! Check out some of our shots in our Aerial Demo Reel:

We've shot at Kadlec hospital in Richland, parks in Wenatchee, houses in Zillah, hospitals in Pendleton, vistas in Leavenworth, and so much more. 

Aerial footage adds significant beauty and drama to almost any movie!

Architecture Photos

Here at Firefly Solutions, we do all all kinds of fun stuff. Much of our portfolio includes architecture photos. Here are just a few reasons to shoot architecture photos:

  • Marketing materials
  • Web sites
  • Documenting construction issues

We shoot differently. We shoot "HDR panoramas," which means we combine several differently-exposed images into a single photo, then stitch that photo with many others to create an unparalleled view — without distorting the image.

Recently we've done a bunch of shoots for new schools and school upgrades. We retouch every image, ensuring we show the construction in the best possible way. Here's an example of a crummy-looking parking lot; we retouched it to bring it back to its original glory, while still retaining some "scuff marks" to keep it looking natural: